Secret Garden now offers BABOR!!!!!

Calming atmosphere of Secret Garden is uniquely appropriate for you to discover BABOR.
After enjoying soothing views of our flower garden come inside relax and let our professional stuff bring you in to a world of BABOR beauty.

Let BABOR’s rich ingredients and effective treatment techniques give a new life to your skin.
From pure relaxation to remedies for specific beauty needs and skin problems: the luxurious facial and body treatments provided by BABOR and our beauticians fulfill all your wishes at the same time.
A professional skin analysis is conducted at Secret Garden to see which treatments and skin care products would work best for you. While you relax, your skin will benefit from BABOR’s extensive expertise.

Our stuff has a very methodical and thorough approach in analyzing and preparing your skin before applying world renown BABOR professional CARE.

Carefully selected and individually tailored treatments for home care are also available.
For all the latest promotions and complete list of services/prices please visit our “Pricelist” page.

Let us take the WRINKLE out of your day 🙂

Secret Garden Team