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Sauna & Spa Promotivno!!
Izraz “spa” je skracenica latinske izreke “sauns per aquan” tj. Vodom do zdravlja. U davna vremena kada su ljudi osluskivali prirodu i poznavali njene tajne voda je smatrana bozanskom materijom koja daje zivot i ima isceljiteljske moci. Danas spa filozofija predstavlja potrebu coveka da se ponovo spoji sa prirodom- odgovor savremenom zivotu punom stresa, koji pomaze da se uz potpuno opustanje povrati spokoj,sacuva zdravlje i neguje lepota.
Finska sauna 800
Hidro masaza 1000
(Hydro, Aero & Chromo terapija)

New!!! SPA & Body Treatments in Belgrade!!!!!!


In line with our philosophy: that relaxation of both SOLE and the BODY will bring us to a unique sense of beauty that is more natural and longer lasting; We created a number of body treatments for You to enjoy.

You can think of a body treatment as essentially being a “facial” extended to the whole body.

We see no reason why the softness of your skin should not be permanently even & smooth from head to toe.              After all, skin is our largest organ; let’s take  good care of it.


In rejuvenating your skin while your mind is being relaxed we can come closer to ancient philosophies while introducing modern techniques and most advanced professional care products.

Most of our treatments start with exfoliation in the shape of different body scrubs (of your choosing), followed with a body mask or a body wrap especially chosen for your type of skin, to nourish and detoxify at the same time. Taking care of your skin will help you in dealing with stresses and tension while rejuvenating your energy levels. Follow this with an aroma therapy massage and you will feel a thousand years younger :-)


Come relax in our Garden,


Secret Garden team :-)

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