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Medicinski pedikir
Profesionalni pristup u resavanju razlicitih problema; kao sto su urasli nokti, zanoktice, kurije oko i zuljevi, kao i nega koze stopala uz mogucnost odabira razlicitih hranljivih krema.
Estetski pedikir
Spa (Opi) pedikir
Japanski pedikir
Trajni frenc manikir(gel/acryl)

Pedicure - Belgrade - Secret Garden

Secret Garden offers full spectrum of Pedicure services.

Our services range from simple correction of toenail-polish to SPA-OPI pedicure services.  Secret Garden uses latest techniques and products including acryl and gel strengthening of your toenails.

Secret Garden will help you keep your feet Happy, healthy and most importantly attractive (for those new open-toe Prada’s you may wanna wear :-)


Our services include:


Foot Massage & Indian peel
Esthetic pedicure & massage
Spa Treatment (by OPI)
French pedicure (PROFESSIONAILS) gel
Strengthening of toenails w/MISTERO MILANO-acrylic gel
Medical Pedicure & Massage
(Professional approach in solving various problems, such as ingrown nails, cuticles, calluses and all around good skin care of your feet)


Coming out of our garden your feet will be light and bouncy, all ready for a run…walk, or maybe just for show!! :-)

Secret Garden team


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